Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Take a Look at my New Improved Website!

My website has been totally revamped and updated, and you can view examples of my cartoons and illustrations in gallery formats.

It has never been easier to take a quick tour through examples of my cartoons. Please take a look, and also have a look at my Zazzle shop, and my Red Bubble shop!

Monday, 9 January 2017

NatWest Nightmare!

NatWest Bank is turning into a nightmare. I can't do anything with the money I have in my account!

For at least 2 months I have been unable to pay anybody from my online account. I can get into it, set up the payments, but always get an error message.

I did telephone them in early December about the problem, and they made a payment for me over the phone. I reported the problem assuming they'd fix it. They didn't...

After Christmas I went to do more online payments, and still found the problem was still there. Impossible to make payments. I phoned again, and a guy I spoke to had a look at the account, spoke with technical colleagues, and told me they didn't know why it was happening. He noted the fault, but said he was unable to make telephone payments for me.

That was it. No help whatsoever.

I wrote to my business centre manager, but the emails all bounced back.

I then made a complaint using the NatWest online form. Gave them all the details, and my phone number etc. An automated acknowledgement appeared, but I heard nothing further.

Today I tried making payments again - still not working!

I can't believe this is still happening. If I go over my limit, etc, I get fined by them. (They must have taken a small fortune off me over the years.)

What redress will they give me for all this inconvenience? Nothing would be my guess.

I just want access to my money! Or evn some kind of response to show that they are interested...

Rant over - for now!