Would You Like to Design Your Own Business Cards?

If you'd like to create and order your own Business Cards online, you can do so easily with Zazzle.

I have created a number of different designs that you use as templates, easily adding your own details.

Here is my latest design - which would work with Couriers or Delivery Drivers...

You can see the areas that are editable. It takes just a couple of minutes to do! Try it yourself...

There are lots more designs to start working from in my Business Card Collection on Zazzle. Take a look...


Sell Your own Cartoons or Illustrations Online

I have found a great way to sell my cartoons online - and effectively creating a portfolio and database of my work at the same time!

The system I use is provided by Payhip.

And best of all, to sign up and create an account is FREE. 

Here's a screenshot of a section of my own page on Payhip.


Payhip creates an elegant portfolio of my cartoons for visitors to view, with the inbuilt option for purchasing any that they wish to download and use.

Payhip button

You can see my own Payhip portfolio HERE... 


Promoting Your Creativity or Blog with "Extras" Shop & Fan Support...

I've just this week started a blog with "Buy me a coffee", and I've found it to be very elegant and intuitive. I especially like it because it basically allows you to create posts (which you can have open to anyone, or restrict to "followers"). 

What I especially like about it is the it allows you to post what it calls "Extras" - items for sale, coupons, offers, etc.

The whole concept is that you build up a following of fans and supporters, and it is aimed at creatives.

I've only just joined myself, but feel quite enthused about it, and at the end of the day its another area where I can promote myself.

Read more here: Buymeacoffee...


Cartoons for Retail and Shopkeepers. Shopping Theme.

I have produced a number of Cartoons that feature shops and retail establishments.

There are also many gift items that have these cartoons some of which can be personalised.

Take a look at the collection on my store where you will see many examples.


A Fun Flintstone T-shirt...

 Who can resist this fun Fred Flintstone and Barny Rubble T-shirt?


How to Save Money at Golf - My Fun Golf-Themed Money Box!

I've produced an entirely new product this week - a Money Box! 

I've designed it so that it features three of my cartoons, in colour. I like the way they fit perfectly around the outside.

Yes, I know many think we're heading towards a cashless society, but I'm sure we'll be handling coins for a good while to come.

So, if you know some one who likes to save the pennies, and enjoys playing golf, this could be a nice gift item for them!

You can see the money box in my Etsy store here...

Hope you like this item!


Police Officer Retirement or Long Service Recognition Watches

I have designed police watches that can be personalised as special retirement gifts, or as a recognition of long and loyal service, for police officers, policemen, police constables, and those who have made their career working in the police force.

The watches have sold around the world, to police in countries including the UK and Australia.

Below you can see examples of the kind of watches that I have designed which have then been especially personalised by the purchaser for police officers, and presented as gifts and awards to show the appreciation of the local community.

I also have fun Police Gift Mugs in my Etsy Store. Take a look at these examples:

In my Etsy Store I have many more Gifts for Police. Please take a look...


Retirement Gift Watch for a Mariner, Ship Captain, or Skipper

I created this watch design as a retirement gift, or a long service award, suitable for the Captain of a ship.

The watch can be personalised to feature the name of the recipient as well as the ship name and sates of service.


Fun Medical T-Shirt Design for a Doctor...

T-Shirt for a Doctor

This fun t-shirt is a perfect gift for a doctor or physician...

Doctor t-shirt. Funny medical cartoon on a t-shirt shows a doctor with stethoscope..
T-Shirt for a Doctor

The shirt features one of my cartoons, framed in a square border, and with the wording, "Trust me I'm a doctor".

Fun and practical, this t-shirt is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone that sees it.

Medical Gift Items

This shirt is not available in any shops, and can only be bought from my Zazzle Store.

You can see some images of colour variations on this page of my website.

You can buy this shirt in various sizes and colours here...

Medical Department
Medical Department

Did you know, I also draw original cartoons for health bodies and institutions? See examples of my NHS Cartoons on my website HERE


Lots of Gift Ideas that can be Personalised...

Looking for something personal to by that special someone?

I've designed a number of gift ideas that you can adjust to include the name of the recipient!

Here is just one example...

Recipe book to personalise with your own choice of name
Recipe Book that can be personalised

See many more products that can be personalised in my Zazzle stores...