25 Years - Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A gift for a wife, or husband, on the occasion of a silver wedding anniversary...

An old sea-dog smokes his pipe...

An old sea-dog smokes his pipe...

My cartoon available on a mug over at Zazzle. #zazzlemade


Display Your Drink Preference on Your Fridge or Mug!

Now you can display your drink preference on the fridge! A perfect item for work so whoever is making the tea or coffee knows your preference and whether you take milk and sugar. Simply customise to suit your style.

And it's now available on a mug too!

Add Your QR Code to a T-Shirt

 With my template it is easy to include a QR Code on your bespoke t-shirts. 

Simply visit a site such as to create a QR Code to download. Then upload and replace on Zazzle.

Change the shirt's wording to suit that of your business. Try it yourself via the link below. #zazzlemade


My Latest Personalised Birthday Balloon Designs

 I've designed a range of birthday balloons that can be personalised with a name and age. A perfect gift for a special birthday occasion! #zazzlemade


Create and Sell Your Own Quality Hand-Made Cards

I sell hundreds of Greetings Cards, all made by myself, via the Etsy platform, which brings me a nice regular weekly income.

I'm now going to show you how I make these cards, and the equipment and materials I use to make that process so easy.

Disclaimer: I buy all the materials I use through Amazon. The delivery is fast, and as I subscribe to Prime, meaning I don't incur delivery charges. I've supplied links to the items on Amazon so you can easily read more information about each product, but you can buy from other suppliers of course. I am an affiliate of Amazon, which means I earn a commission if anyone buys from a link, but that doesn't affect the cost to you in any way.

Make Your Own Greetings Cards

I start with card blanks. The packs I buy come in 50s, are pre-scored for folding, and include accompanying envelopes.

Card Blanks with Envelopes

The cartoons I have on my cards are printed onto photo paper using my ink-jet printer. I am able to print each cartoon design 2-up on an A4 sheet.

I buy the inkjet paper 100 sheet packs which works out at very good value.

Photo Paper

Once the image is printed you can cut to size using an artist's scalpel and cutting mat. As I create so many cards, I have invested in a Dahle Personal Trimmer.

I've had mine for years and  wouldn't be without it! The cartoon images I print are created with a square border, which makes it easy for me to line up and trim by eye.

Dahle Personal Trimmer

Now that the image is cut to size, it needs to be stuck to a card blank. I've found that by far the neatest, cleanest and most reliable method of adhering each cartoon print to a card is by using double-sided tape. It is so simple. I run a strip along each of the 4 edges, remove the backing, and line up by eye before fixing in place. There's no bubbling or warping that you can get with glue!

Double-Sided Tape

Once I have created a card, I add my little sticker to the back, (more about this below), and then wrap it, together with its accompanying white envelope, in a transparent sleeve that is just the right size for the product. I buy sleeves that are bio-degradable which I find is something that is generally very much appreciated by the purchasers. A good selling-point! In fact a lot of the kind feedback I receive mentions the wrapping. Funny as its something that is just discarded.

Biodegradable Sleeves

My final touch to add some branding to my cards is to print off stickers that carry my business name. I have two versions. The first version shows my business name and website, which I apply to the back of each greetings card I make, as mentioned earlier.

I have a second version which includes the informative wording "Card is blank inside", which I add to the transparent card sleeve.


With Etsy, I obviously have to post each order out to the customer in an envelope. I also slip a personal thank-you note in. The envelopes I use for this are C5 size, which is just right. The packs of ordinary manilla envelopes I buy are quite cheap too.


Etsy lets you print pre-paid and addressed labels directly with each order. That is such a boon. I just print to my inkjet printer, apply to the item being posted, and drop into a nearby post box. The Post Office call this "Click & Drop". Again I buy my labels by the box from Amazon. There are 2 on each sheet. Once one is printed, I peel it off and use it. The other label remains on the sheet and can be printed on for the next order.

Address labels

And that's it! Ive just shown you how to produce quality cards, beautifully packaged and branded, that you can sell easily via platforms such as Etsy, or even directly to your local craft shops. I've created a large range of cards myself that I sell regularly which you can see here.


Sell Your Art on Rubber Stamps...

One of yesterday's sales on Zazzle reminded me of how well Rubber Stamps have been selling for me over the years. 

The cartoons I have used on the Rubber Stamps in my Stores are business of trade themed mainly, as it occurred to me that this would be the specific market where such items would be used.

Of course I have made these personalisable - so that any purchaser can amend a template to suit their own particular business.

Here's the latest example that has sold...

Cartoon on a Business Rubber Stamp

Close-up of Cartoon on a Rubber Stamp

See the item on Zazzle HERE...

If you would like to make money by selling your artwork on Zazzle items such as Rubber Stamps, T-Shirts, and Mugs, I have created a Blog Post that shows you a step-by-step guide on how to do it. It is so easy and worth having a try.

Take a look at my post entitled "How to Create and Sell a Product on Zazzle".


Your Name plus Football Team Name on a Watch

Designed for the Football Fan with many Team-Colour options. Your Name plus Football Team Name on a stylish Watch.

Your Name plus Football Team Name Watch

Your Name plus Football Team Name on a Watch

Artwork designed by Just Football Fun. Made by E Watch Factory in New York, NY. Sold by Zazzle.

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Gift for Partner. A 40th Birthday Gift Watch

Gift for Partner on her 40th Birthday. A Gift Watch that I designed at

Gift for Partner. 40th Birthday Gift Watch

Gift for Partner. A 40th Birthday Gift Watch

Artwork designed by Fun Graphics. Made by E Watch Factory in New York, NY. Sold by Zazzle.

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