Saturday, 1 June 2013

Leave the Greenhouse at Home!

There's a limit to what you can take with you on a caravan holiday!

Hebridean Princess Brochure has Arrived....

The Hebridean Princess is the smallest luxury cruise ship afloat, and often calls into our harbour here on Bute. It mainly cruises around Scotland, but does do a few visits elsewhere. The reason I mention this is that we've just received a file copy of their latest glossy brochure in the post (for 2014). The cruises do seem quite expensive at first sight, but you are getting exclusive luxury!

Beauty Salon Consent Form..?

Here's a Beauty Salon cartoon - a common subject of mine over the years... 

Lately I've been working on the Philippine Trails website that I run, adding some extra pages of info about specific attractions. Here's one example - the Casagwa Ruins Park, near to the Mt Mayon Volcano. (This is one of my favourite regions of the Philippines.)